A local woman in front of a fracking rig in Pennsylvania.Mines au Sud, Gaz au Nord : Même dépossession?
Mines in the South, Gas in the North: same deprivation?

Collective exhibition on social and environmental issues from mining in Guatemala and fracking in North America. 
Organized by Projet-Accompagnement Québec-Guatemala (PAQG), it will travel across the province of Quebec in Canada. To request the exhibition in your city: (514) 495-3131 or paqg@paqg.org.

March 24th - April 16th 2012
Atelier Art Toutes Directions, 548 Mondor, Saint-Hyacinthe

April 22nd 2012 - Earth Day
5 pm, Pub Brouhaha, 5868 de Lorimier Avenue, Montreal

April 27th 2012 - "Plan Nord, Plan Sud" conference
5pm - 10pm, Pub Saint-Ciboire, 1693 Saint-Denis, Montreal

May 31st - June 7th 2012
9 am - 4 pm, Café de la Gare, 700 Vaudreuil Street, Mont-Laurier

May 28th - July 10th 2012
5 pm - 3 am, Bar Populaire, 6584 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal.

November 1st - November 29th 2012
10 am - 6 pm, Maison du développement durable, Atrium, 50 Ste-Catherine St. W., Montreal.